Track & Field


2024 CYO Track & Field Meet

The St. Joseph-St. Thomas St. John Neumann team has been a proud contender in the Staten Island Catholic Charities Catholic Youth Organization (CYOSI) league since 1995, exhibiting an enduring tradition of sportsmanship and athletic excellence. The league collaborates with various parishes to co-host spring outdoor track meets, generally held at reputable facilities such as St. Joseph by the Sea High School (Huguenot) or Msgr. Farrell High School (Oakwood Heights). These events abide by the National Federation of High School Track & Field rules, albeit with necessary adjustments to cater to the league’s requirements and growth trajectory.

Competitions and Championships

From March to June, young athletes in grades PK4-8 have the golden opportunity to qualify for the esteemed Archdiocese of New York Track & Field Championships, held every June at Icahn Stadium on Randall’s Island. Here, they fiercely compete against peers from the nine other counties of the Archdiocese. The highest honor, however, is being chosen for the Archdiocesan team, which represents us at the AAU Club Championship at the ESPN Sports Complex in Disneyworld, Florida — a bi-annual event with potential pathways to the prestigious USA Junior Olympics.

Event Categories

To foster fair competition, our outdoor track meets categorize children into groups based on their grade and gender, offering a diverse range of events from individual sprints to relay races and field events. The details of events per grade are as follows:

  • PK4-K: 50/60 meter individual races
  • 1&2 grades: Up to 200-meter races, relay races, and long jump
  • 3&4 grades: A variety of races, relay events, and field events including shot put and turbo javelin
  • 5&6 grades: Expanded race distances and field events
  • 7&8 grades: Races up to 1600 meters, along with established field events

It is crucial to note that while children can compete in older divisions, they cannot run in lower divisions. Medals await those securing the top three positions in any event, including relays.

Training and Coaching

Team training sessions take place four nights a week from March through June at the Parish lawn on Poplar Street or Wolfe’s Pond Park. We maintain a flexible schedule, expecting student athletes to attend at least two practices weekly. Our coaches, all of whom have undergone comprehensive training and background checks, are committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment for the children. We also welcome parents to join our coaching team post requisite training.

Alumni Achievements

Our alumni have a remarkable track record, with many progressing to compete at acclaimed high schools and universities, earning substantial scholarships for their collegiate endeavors. They stand testimony to the dedicated nurturing and training imparted, honing champions who carry forward the legacy of the St. Joseph-St. Thomas St. John Neumann team.

Join Us

If the track and field world fascinates you, we invite you to become a part of our vibrant team. For further details, reach out to Robert Smith at 718-948-5026 or email him. You can register at our sports registration site and stay updated through our parish website.